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Dear Valued Customers,

For the past 18 years, Seavolex Brokerage Co. has played a leading role in the Iran Capital Market and after foundation of Iran Mercantile Exchange, continued as a led brokerage in Commodities Exchange. Now, we are preparing to take another great leap forward, to become a player on the global stage.

To achieve this end, we will strive to respond proactively to the changing capital market environment by expanding our business operations and continuing to offer various services that meet the needs of customers. In addition, we will achieve steady growth by continuing our overseas expansion efforts and identifying new business opportunities via synergies with group affiliates.

We will also present a long-term vision for the Iranian financial market and endeavor to nurture and enhance the capabilities of our employees, so that we are able to pursue growth on the global stage. We will always put the interests of our customers at the center of our management decisions, and will continue to innovate and challenge ourselves to earn customers’ trust.

We appreciate the ongoing support of our customers and shareholders as we endeavor to grow as an investment pioneer in Middle East.

Thank you

Seavolex Brokerage Co.