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Seavolex Co. is an active brokerage firm in Commodity Exchange (Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Precious metals and etc.), Stock Exchange, Energy Exchange and OTC (Farabourse Exchange Market) in Iran and having nearly two decades of experiences in Iranian capital market. 

We have expanded our services portfolio in line with our target and expand our market globally. Our technical expertise, experienced personnel, and impeccable reputation pave the way for our success. We declare that we are more than just your brokerage firm; we are your partner, a resource for guidance and information, a promoter of living level, a champion of your goals and objectives. Let’s make it happen together.

Commodity Exchange

As competent and experienced brokerage firm, our main priorities are respectability and reliability when it comes to advising our customers. Our work's mission statement is based on these five guiding themes: 


We stand for expertise in all investment market questions, and we can ensure this based on the experience we have gathered over the years. Plus, we take part in relevant continuing education courses regularly. 

Customer service 

We believe our customers are our partners and we consider ourselves to be a respectable and reliable partner to our customers. 

Individual solutions 

We work directly with you, providing personalized, unique solutions to help you move steps forward in investment world. We are committed to expanding our customer business capabilities while becoming a trusted partner for their future growth.

Always with you 

Our service doesn't end when you obtaining the trading code and enter to the capital market. We stand by you with help and advice in all steps of investment and we are open-minded to hear all your comments and criticisms. 

Long-term partnerships 

We believe in long-term relationships with our customers and attend to their investment needs. 

We will be happy to analyze your foundation for your future investment strategy in Iran.

For questions regarding our global services please send an email to "".