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 The first Iranian OTC market received its operation license in 2009 and is called Iran Farabourse Co. It is engaged in financing of manufacturing and service companies by easing the process of listing of different securities. So, its major characteristic would be the easy process of listing and trading of securities.

Establishment of Iran Farabourse Company is one of the main steps for developing capital-market in Iran and diversifying financial instruments traded in the securities market. In 2013 Farabourse started offering exchange-traded funds and real estate ETFs in September 2014. Seavolex Co., as a brokerage will give you accompany in OTC market. 

Transactions in Iran Farabourse markets are as follows:

  1. Initial offerings and secondary transactions of securities are executed in the first and second markets of Iran Farabourse co.
  2. Block offerings, gradual offerings and subscriptions are executed in the third market of Iran Farabourse co.
  3. Transaction of special securities, including depository receipts, Musharakah sukuk, housing loans securities, etc. are traded in specified market of Iran Farabourse co.

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