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According to the Wall Street Journal in 2015, Iran is "full of well-run companies". Also true, there are companies in Iran which suffer problems such as mismanagement, energy inefficiency, overstaffing, opaque auditing systems, obsolete marketing and distribution networks and high levels of debt.

Tehran Stock Exchange opened in February 1967. According to the TSE history, during its first year of activity, only six companies were listed in TSE. Then Government bonds and certain State-baked certificate were traded in the market. 

The Tehran Stock Exchange has come a long way. Today TSE has evolved into an exciting and growing marketplace where individual and institutional investor trade securities of over 420 companies. 

Investing in the stock markets can be very complex and time-consuming and requires the help of a professional. Seavolex Co. will support you if you are foreign investors who are willing to make an Indirect Investment (Foreign Portfolio Investment) in the Tehran Stock Exchange. 

  • Federation of Euro- Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS): joined as full member in 1995.
  • World Federation of Exchanges (WFE): joined as full member in 1994.